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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> temperatures have did into the 30's in spots. we'll stay chilly all day long. we have live team coverage pinpointing everything you need to know to plan your day. it is now 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday, january 19. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison along with troy bridges and also welcoming our new traffic anchor. welcome. >> thank you so much. >> how are we looking outside? >> things are moving along nicely. a nice day to ease into it. >> we are glad of that. if we had rain, there would be big issues. no rain in the forecast for the next couple of days. it is all about the cold. this morning. kids. here is that freeze warning in effect for tomorrow morning as temperatures will be dropping at or below freezing for several hours. flagler county, marion county and sumter county, all under that freeze warning through 8:00 in the morning tomorrow. this morning, cold enough and
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it is 34 in ocala as we continue to drop closer to sunrise. sunrise is at 7:18 and that's generally when we get the coldest air. you factor the wind out of the north, feels like 40 in orlando. 29 is the feels like temperature. feels like 36 in daytona beach. we'll see a lot of sun but not a warmup. 57 by 4:00 today. of course, a lot of kids going back to school. let's go live to mark lehman in seminole county where those buses are lined up. we want the buses to start. it looks like they are behind you. >> the school district says the heat will be turned on extra early in classrooms all across seminole county. here behind me, lots of activity, bus drivers are cranking up the heat the low temperatures are prompting many to prepare themselves.
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children, remembering to dress if possible. it is also important to remember to bring pets inside and taking measures to protect your plants. experts say some may need to be covered and others need to be brought in from the cold. >> ferns, orchids, other true tropicals would be better served by bringing inside. that's something you can move or if it is impossible to move, again, cover. >> while many are boosting the heat inside, it is important to use that heating equipment correctly, not doing so is a leading cause of house fires. experts recommend reading direction and asking questions when pieing the right heater for your home. as the heat eer warm things up in your school buses, the district says extra buses will be on hand this morning in case there are any mechanical issues because of the cold weather. coming up in the next 30 minutes, we spoke to a mechanic. he gave us tips to remember as drivers head out this morning, tips for keeping your car
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>> it is time for more traffic news. >> amy is watching the roads. hi, amy. >> you want the heat on this morning. once you get rolling, we are ok. mo reported accidents. construction is beginning to pick up, not causing a big issue. take a look, even on i-4 this morning with all the work it is undergoing, no big issues. you can see either side of the interstate moving along very, very nicely. the drive times reflecting that nicely. traveling westbound, from lake mary boulevard over to colonial drive, just 14 minutes. turnpike to 408, a five minute ride. everything is coming back as we want it to. right now. >> developing right now, we are waiting for an up update on a shooting. >> that condo complex has things locked down.
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were confronted with not one but two officers two men with guns. kirsten is live at the complex. police are still on the scene. >> for the last couple of hours as we have been out here, we watched police come in and out of the condo complex, still out here hours after that officer involved shooting. you can see those police lights still behind, peeking out from behind the courtney landing sign. we are waiting to hear how that man who was shot by officers is doing this morning all as some people were home from work, coming home to an unfamiliar scene. >> officers called to the courtney landing condominiums were investigating a suspicious situation that led to a shooting. neighbors who heard the gun shots say it comes as a shock. >> we have never had a problem like this. it is quite scary. >> police say two officers
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ordered him to drop it. when he refused, officers started shooting. another man came out of his home with a gun but when the man later identified as a military veteran realized what happened, he dropped his weapon and was not harmed. >> thooz things happen in the blink of an eye and officers have to make that split decision. the officers are not hurt. they are shaken by this incident. >> both officers have about five to 10 years of experience with police they are under investigation. they are on paid leave as is procedure with any officer involved shooting. >> we are waiting to hear more about the man who was shot. what about the officers involved. >> john mena says we'll get more information about the two officers today.
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let their families know. hear what the police chief has to say about his officer's reaction. >> now to the discovery found in this backyard in lake county. deputies went to check on the homeowner who hasn't been seen in weeks. they found human remains buried in the backyard. this is off pennsylvania street off county road 42 and paisley. johnny, at this point we don't know who was found but neighbors want to know what is going on. >> reporter: that's right. the medical examiner office is trying to identify the remains in the yard. neighbors say they know who it is and they think they know what happened. >> this is the house of dennis jones. the yellow crime scene tape has neighbors here talking. >> neighbors say jones was a
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but concern started to grow when jones wasn't seen in over a month. when deputies brought out a cadaver dog to the house, that's when the remains were found. >> she said he left her the house and went to rehab. >> people say his new girlfriend had been living here with her kids but jones was nowhere to be seen. they also say she had been driving his truck throughout the neighborhood, it is a truck deputies say they found abandoned in the middle of the road the night before the remains were found. >> detectives say this is now being treated as a suspicious death. they say it may take a couple of days before those remains are positively identified. they say at this point they do mot think this was a random act. >> just a few hours, the man suspected of shooting a delivery man in orange county will be back before a judge. 22-year-old johnny brown was arrested last week. investigators say they spotted him with a gun off rio grand
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stray bullet. brown hasn't been charged with that shooting and his lawyer wants a judge to grant him bond. prosecutors are asking that he stay mind bars. we'll let you know what happens. >> and this morning, we are working to find out if three people forced off a flight at orlando international will face any charges. delta tells news 6 the passengers were removed from a plane yesterday because they would not stop using their cell phones. crew members had asked them to stop. it happened on delta flight 1455 from orlando to new york. delta says traffic caused the plane to arrive an hour late. >> new rules will start designed to keep bears out of neighborhoods. this morning, people in one community are asking to be exempt from these new laws. according to the orlando sentinel. homeowners in the neighborhood east of i-4 and the 434 are asking to be excluded from these changes because, well, they have never seen a bear in their neighborhood. officials passed an ordinance that would fine homeowners west
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unsecured. people who violate the rules could face fines. seminole county has had three bear attacks in the past three years. the new rules start february 7. >> right now, it is time to head outside. troy bridges has us covered on this cold morning. >> a shock to the system when you walk out door, even colder than yesterday. tomorrow morning, colder still, high pressure dominating our forecast for the next couple of days, that is sivenging air around it, a clockwise flow so you can see the winds coming in out of the north, gusting this morning near 20 miles an hour and that will lead to a windchill. the actual temperature right now in orlando is 43. it is 49 at cocoa beach. daytona beach at 40. 34 in ocala. you factor in the wind, it feels like 29 degrees. right now in marion county for ocala, feels like 40 in orlando and 43 at cocoa beach. the bus stop is going to be brutal today. it will be chilly even though sunny through the afternoon. make sure the kids do have that heavy coat, only getting up into the upper 50's for afternoon
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even colder tomorrow morning, we'll talk about that. we'll also talk about rain chances with some thunderstorms by the end of the week. let's check on the roads with amy. what is happening? i'm expecting it to pick up a little bit. >> absolutely. certainly bundle up. things are not quite picking up construction. i want to show you this live camera. this is on i-4. you can see we have the shoulder still blocked, kind of the take away, it is not impacting travel at all. as you get ready to go out the door, you'll be fine. reflecting the conditions on the royce this morning. if you are going to be traveling i-95 for example, to i-4, a four minute ride. heading southbound from 42 over to i-4, only a six minute ride. grab that jacket, heat on, you'll be fine. fine. >> the weekend for many of us means time for r&r. >> rest is superimportant.
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go a long way when it comes to your overall health. why the governor is calling one city's water crisis a disaster. northeast.
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>> another cool blast is hitting central florida. look at these lows right now. ocala at 34. orlando sitting at 43. troy will have another check of your pinpoint forecast in three minutes. he is sending out on the weather app. search wkmg in your app store. >> a chilly start but it is nothing compared to the cold gripping other parts of the country. mid-january is typically the coldest time of the year.
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10 degrees below average. with the windchill, some places dropped below zero. >> you just got off the nice warm train. >> yes. it is freezing out here. it was nothing like this a couple of days ago. i don't know what is going on. >> it is winter. of course, it is cold. it is winter. >> i grew up in iowa. this is nothing. >> i'm shivering looking at that video. despite the frigid temps, the northeast is coming off the warmest november on record. >> rick schneider is set to deliver his state of the state address. the 2014 flint water supply was contaminated with lead after they switched the water source from detroit to the flint river to save money. national guard troops are now handing out bottled water to residents and state troopers are
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filters. many say the governor needs to face criminal charges. >> he should have switched it back as soon as he knew of the contamination. >> the governor plans to request once again that president obama declare a federal disaster area. the president denied the request once before saying the situation in flint was manmade. >> the nation top education official is making a stop in central florida florida. kipping's valencia visit is the third stop in a five city opportunity across america tour and the only stop in florida. during his visit king is expected to participate in a round table discussion and get a tour of campus. the event will focus on king's top priorities pi making sure every student has the opportunity to succeed and earn an affordable degree.
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sleep could have unexpected benefits. catching up on z's could lower the risk of diabetes. with two nights of extra sleep, insulin levels return to normal. people sleep deprived all the time are more likely to develop other health problems such as weight gain and high blood pressure so keep that in mind. a little boy's christmas was almost ruined after someone stole his favorite present. >> his neighborhood rally saved the day. 18-month-old tristan basically had his power wheels stolen after his parents left it on the porch to charge up. tristan's dad said he put a note on facebook hoping someone would see the power wheels and try to help get it back to him. the fire department even put out jars to get donations for a new set of power wheels for tristan.
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nearly $1,000, which was enough to buy the new power wheels, look at that, that's even better. i don't know if he is going to wear it. >> i want to get in that thing. >> can you fit? >> no, but that looks fun. >> wouldn't go far. >> hope it goes. >> that's a good idea. that looks like fun. today a cold start across central florida. folks with the storm pins app are showing us how they are bundling up. here's a great shot. this is from cathy. this coal isn't going to stop me. i'm going to keep on walking. i don't know where you are walking. maybe getting some exercise this morning. looking great. if you are head out, maybe to take the dog out or to get some exercise in, you'll need to
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there in ormond beach. some great shots as that dry cool air is leading to beautiful weather shots with our symptom pins app. what you are doing to keep ready for this cold air, even colder air tomorrow, just download the storm pins app for free. how cold is it? here are temperatures into the morning tomorrow. through 8:00 in the morning, also marion and sumter county county. temperatures close to freezing many many spots. 37 in palm coast. 43 in orlando. 45 in melbourne. temperatures likely to drop from here within the next hour as we get closer to sunrise at around 7:18. you can expect the cold air before the sun comes up. it feels like 36. it felt like freezing earlier.
6:20 am
41 in orlando. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> look at the sky into the future. blue sky, sunshine. a few on and off thin clouds. the sun filters through it. not enough to warm us. 53 at noon. upper 50's for highs at 4:00 with breezy conditions. the winds making the upper 50's feel like the low and mid 50's most all day long. a heavy coat in order today into tonight a. big cooldown as soon as the sun sets. we see temperatures dropping off to 10. tomorrow morning, even colder. hardly a cloud into tonight. without clouds acting as a blanket, the temperatures will drop. here are the temperatures today, 5 in orlando. 38 early tomorrow morning in orlando. 28 in ocala.
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cold air works in with north winds. tomorrow ewe rebound. close to 10 degrees below the average. 73 on thursday. by friday, rain chances at 50%. we'll watch closely because there will be a chance for a few thunderstorms. let's check on the roads. good morning, what is happening? >> it has been a quiet day. our first real issue. we have reports of a car crash. if you are traveling around peninsula winds drive by ocean shore boulevard, it looks like your northbound lanes are blocked. we'll keep you updated. keep that in mind. that is the only reported issue we are finding. really nice conditions, a live look outside at i-4 this morning. you can see either direction moving along fine. that one accident the rest of us fine. that's your check on traffic. >> still ahead, a man is rushed to the hospital after being shot by police? we have a live report on what
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>> first up, we have nail polish concerns that may make you rethink the manicure.
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>> nail polish is popular with women of all ages. >> the chemicals in some of those polishes get inside your bodies. researchers found every woman in the study tested at elevated levels for a common chemical flame retardant after getting the nails painted. while the group says more research is needed on possible effects in humans, animal studies have found thp is linked to reproductive issues. >> a new report is predicting that robots could take over more than five million jobs over the next five years. the authors of the report say more robots will replace workers and there will be an increase in artificial intelligence. many people took time to visit the many memorials and celebrations of dr. martin luther king jr. the holiday has
6:26 am
60 employees from wells fargo got their hands dirty partnering with habitat for humanity to build three homes. it is all part of the veterans build. >> they are so grateful everything, the minute everybody puts in, they are building their own house. it feels good to have people come out and volunteer on their day off from work. >> and the bank also gave $2,500 in donations to help with the construction, which should be wrapped up in a few weeks. great to see. >> coming up in the next half-hour, the music world is mourning the loss of another legend. >> how friends and and fans are remembering the man behind the hotel california. >> people can't drink their water. the act of vandalism that is
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>> what school staffers are doing to make sure they stay safe.
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>> we begin in the pinpoint weather center b as temperatures continue to dip. >> we are here with troy bridges. troy, you know it, it was cold yesterday and it is cold today and it is going to be colder tomorrow. >> this afternoon only getting into the 50's. the last time we had 50's was february. here's the freeze warning in effect for tomorrow morning where you see that blue shading. that's flagler, marion and sumter county, meaning temperatures dropping at or below freezing for several hours tomorrow. this morning, we are close to breezing in many of those same areas.
6:31 am
right now, 37 at palm coast. 43 in orlando. you factor in the wind coming in out of the north at times. it feels colder. it feels like 40 in orlando and in sanford. feels like 35 in the villages. 43 at cocoa beach. 36 is the feels like temperature at daytona beach. as we help you plan the day, we are gradually warming with plenty of sunshine it is a slow climb. 57 at 4:00 today. coming up, we'll talk about the chance for thunderstorms by the end of the week as well as a warmup. let's check on the roads with amy. good morning, amy. welcome. what is happening? >> good morning. we do have something happening. we have an accident working over in volusia county. this is actually been upgraded a little bit. we have all travel lanes blocked, it was a northbound lane. all travel lanes in either direction. this is happening on peninsula winds drive. certainly do keep that in mind if you'll p traveling through the area.
6:32 am
for right now. take you outside for a live look at the 408, beautiful conditions this morning, making your way past hiawassee. either way, plenty of elbow room. most of us won't have many issues. that's your check on traffic. i'll send it back to you. >> our team coverage continues as school staffers are taking extra precautions because of those chilly temperatures. >> drivers are warming up buses early. teachers are making sure the classrooms have the heat on before students get there. mark lehman is live in seminole county. mark, there are also some things that we can do as drivers to make sure we are ready for this weather as well. >> yes, bridgett, we all know how mechanical issues pop up when the temperatures drop in central florida. that very reason is why the district says extra school buses are here on stand by in case there are any mechanical issues. it is a reminder to make sure your car is ready for what is
6:33 am
the drop in temps causes air to contract in tires. also another thing many see is extra fluids leaking during this time of year. mechanics say something like that could lead to a bigger issue down the road. >> always look where you park, especially in cold weather, because you never know. oil can start leaking, transmission fluid or especially coolant. that's the one that usually gets everybody. >> experts also say that leaking coolant could lead to your heater not working properly. on a morning like this morning, that could be a big problem, as we come back live tot transportation here in seminole county. we are seeing temperatures starting to dip into the upper 30's. it is expected to be as cold, if not colder tomorrow morning. >> ok, thank you, mark for that update. when the weather gets cold, you can track falling temperatures. you can see any watches or
6:34 am
it is free, search wkmg in the app store. >> a suspect is injured and recovering after an officer involved shooting. the man refused to drop his gun, forcing officers to shoot him. it all happened at the courtney landing condos. kish sten is there now. what is the word on how that suspect is doing? >> only that he was taken to the hospital after the shooting. we are still wokdz to get answers about how he is doing this morning. i want to point out, there is still a police presence hours after that officer involved shooting and as people in the neighborhood complex are coming out. some are waiting for the bus stop. we have seen patrol cars parked in front of the complex hours after one person inside was shot. >> they told me there were shots coming. >> people living at the con minimums heard the gun shots between police and one of their neighbors.
6:35 am
we never had a problem like this. i have never even experienced anything like this. it is scary. >> police went to investigate a suspicious situation. as soon as they arrived, they spotted two men with a gun. they ordered him to drop the gun and he refused. that's when officers started shooting. >> officers have to make a split second decision. fortunately, officers are not hurt. thoer shaken up by the incident. >> police say another man came out of his home with a gun. when police turned towards the second man, he realized what happened and he dropped his gun. >> another person comes and approaches with a gun and thankfully he complied with their orders to drop the gun. >> orlando police chief mena said they talked with the second man. he is an army veteran, a
6:36 am
they are planning to release the names of the two officers later today. we'll post any updates on our website, powered by news 6. >> happening today, we could learn if the main suspect in the disappearance of lonzi barton will get a plea deal. he is expected to face a judge this morning. his hear comes one week after investigators found what is believed to be the remains of the 21-month-old baby. ebbron's trial was set to start last week but it was postponed. sources say a plea deal was reached that day but a judge would not sign off on it until he had more information. ebbron will be in court around 9:00 this morning. we'll bring you new updates on and on the news at noon. >> twitter is now back up and running after what the company says was a worldwide outage overnight. a lot of people trying to get on early got an error message like this, saying something wrong.
6:37 am
caused the outage, only that users were experiencing problems. we were on the site. it does seem to be lagging at times. possible victims out there after a man is arrested and charged with traveling across central florida now to have sex with a teenager. officers say this man traveled from ocala to meet the teen. he was arrested monday after detectives say they caught him leaving a motel and driving to the victim's home. leech is facing several charges. he is being held on a $105,000 bond. >> hundreds of homeowners in flagler are being warned the water may not be safe to drink. johnny is following the latest on the strange crime. tell us what happened. >> reporter: deputies say one person or a group of people opened 20 water valves. they did this in the plantation
6:38 am
the area is under construction. the problem is the water pressure dropped. that prompted an alert for 2,000 people who live in the plantation community to the south. deputies say those water valves were left open for hours, draining some 400,000 gallons of water. it is going to cost the utility company big bucks t. water alone is worth over $2,000. >> they knew good and well they were doing damage or at least costing someone money. it is costing a lot of people the opportunity to use clean water. >> and water workers say right now there are no signs the water is contaminated but they issued an alert until they can test the water to make sure that it is 100% safe that means people in the community may have to boil their water until at least thursday. thursday. >> today the speedway is marking a major milestone in the
6:39 am
>> this morning, crews will install the final seats of the daytona rising project. it is part of a project to ration. the project also includes additional bath rooms and three times as many concession stands. ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars as the 58th daytona is set for the 21st of february. >> let's check in with troy bridges pinpointing some colder air. >> it is brutal but not as bad as it could be. it is 17 in charlotte. it is 14 in nashville. atlanta, 21 degrees. even in the panhandle, pensacola at 34. jacksonville at 31. 43 in orlando. look to the north and west, we dropped in marion county close to freezing for the actual temperature. it is 34 degree in ocala.
6:40 am
factor in the wind coming in out of the north near 20 miles an hour and it feels even colder in spots earlier it felt like the 20's. the wind has calmed down in ocala. it feels like 40 northwesterlied. 36 is the feels like temperature in daytona beach. the upper 50's for highs. make sure the kids at bus stop have a heavy coat. they'll need it all day long. let's check on the roads with amy right now. amy, what is going on out there? >> it is chilly. really we are doing ok. no major volume issues just yet. we are just now beginning to wake up on the major roadway. overall, we are fine. this is a live look on i-4. as you make your way past the parkway. eastbound winds starting to show up. nothing major, still traveling at the speed limit. drive times still looking excellent this morning. as you take a look, westbound travel on i-4. 16 minutes, eastbound i-4 from the turnpike to 408, only taking
6:41 am
by and large looking excellent. that is your check on traffic. back over to you. >> a state senator is looking to change the rules when it comes to force. >> a plan being introduced in tallahassee. >> a bold burglary is caught on camera. these boys walk into a georgia church and steal from a pastor. what they got away with. >> remembering one of the country's top singers, glen fry
6:42 am
>> a cold weather alert in central florida. right now, temperatures across our area are in the 30's and 40's making for another chilly start to the day. tomorrow, believe it or not, it will be even colder. troy is here pinpointing the cooldown. his accurate forecast is coming up in three minutes. >> cob doe lenses are pouring in from across the music world as fans remember glen fry. >> pry passed away yesterday
6:43 am
along with don henly fry helped to create the legendary band the eagles and became one of the country's best song writers he is known for life in the fast lane and the heat is on. shebts have been tweeting their condolences and sharing their memories. brian wilson tweeted, quote, i was shocked to hear about glen fry passing away. love and mercy to glen's family. steve martin tweeted shocker. my friend from the early days an important member of the eagles have died. we love you glen fry. end quote. glen fry was 67 years old. >> happening today, florida senator geraldine thompson is expected to introduce legislation surrounding police officers using force. the bill will require the head of a law enforcement agency report any officer using force which results in death or podly harm to the department within 24 hours. the bill would require results
6:44 am
about seven days. thompson says this legislation will help increase the level of accountability for police officers while providing transparency for the public. >> a bold robbery caught on camera here. police say two children, one as young as 11 stole from a pastor after church. the entire thing was captured on surveillance. at one point the older boy gives the one to distract the reverend by talking to him. that's when he ran to the other part of the building and stole from the purse of the pastor's wife. the boys were arrested and now face charmings. >> this morning, a florida pet owner says he has a new pair of angels. >> they found her dog which had been missing for 10 years. she escaped after playing in the
6:45 am
ginger was recently found underneath a car. >> my goodness. >> how did she get there? >> i'll tell you. they took her to a vet where her microchip was scanned. she paid for a flight home and said ginger has a long road to recovery with a few surgeries in her future. maybe somebody picked up the dog and took the dog to houston. >> so cute. we can't get enough of cathy who is bundling up, wearing this scarf. out the door. colder temperatures tomorrow as we show you a storm pin photo. this is cathy. she is in ormond beach all over central florida, temperatures are cold. we like that look, that scarf and that hat, all crocheted. we'll dealing with this cold air
6:46 am
we invite you to pin the photos, all you do is search wkmg in the app store. it is the storm pins app. we can show what you are doing, maybe showing your kids out dealing with the cold, heading off to school this morning. there is a big area of high pressure dominating our forecast, sending in north winds that are rein reinforcing the cold dry air. that's why temperatures are cold and even colder tomorrow morning because we are going to reinforce this cold air early in the morning tomorrow. there's a freeze warning in effect through 8:00 as temperatures will be at or below freezing for several hours. in flagler county, marion county and sumter county, we have another morning to go before we see a bit of a rebound. right now, it is 43 in orlando. 44 in sanford. 37 at palm coast. 40 in daytona beach. 34 in ocala. it is 49 in cocoa beach. you pactor in a north wind near 20 miles an hour and it feels like 40 in orlando.
6:47 am
temperature in ocala. yerm it felt like the 20's. cold enough for that big coat. here's the forecast hour by hour, gradually warming but not by much. at noon, 53, 57 by 4:00. plenty of sunshine but a few of those high thin clouds. not enough cloud cover overnight tonight to act as a blanket so as soon as the sun goes down, temperatures will drop quickly. we are at 45 by 9:00 tonight. at 10:00, 44. if you are making some evening plans, maybe getting out and about, it is going to be enough to wear the big coat again. hard to see a cloud out there through the day. into tonight, one or two high thin clouds but not enough to keep us warm tonight. cool temperatures through the afternoon, only getting up to 55 in ocala and the villages as well as leesburg. 52 for the high in daytona beach. 56 for the afternoon high in cocoa beach. 55 in sanford as that cold air continues to move in from the north. colder temperatures tomorrow
6:48 am
that's why there is a freeze warning in effect for ocala, 28. 32 in the villages. leesburg. 36 in daytona beach. 38 right there in cocoa beach. tomorrow, a little bit of a rebound in the afternoon, getting up to 64. thursday. there's your friday, rain chances up to 50%, with a few embedded thunderstorms. we'll watch that one closely. that front brings another cooldown by the weekend. 58 for the high on saturday. let's check on the roads with amy right now. good morning, amy. what are you seeing? >> good morning to you. i want to give you an update on this crash we are working with. it looks like all travel lanes do remain blocked right now. if you are going to be traveling over on peninsula winds drive at ocean shore boulevard again, be aware of that closure. i'm sure they have a detour. that really is the main thing we are dealing with. everything else is beginning to
6:49 am
i-4 over by kaley avenue. really nice either direction still plenty of elbow room helping you move right at the speed limit. that is your check on traffic. i'm going to send it back to you at the desk. >> it is now 10 minutes before the hour. still ahead, a check of the big stories of the day, including an update on a man who is in the hospital recovering. why officers say their lives were in danger. nora? >> ahead on cbs this morning, jp morgan chase jamie diamond is in the studio 57 and january crawford meets up with hank williams junior on his alabama farm.
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and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning, 6:54. sky 6 just got to the scene of this fire happening at a mobile home in a community off orange blossom trail near john young parkway and right now, we can see there are flashing lights there, crews are on the scene. we don't have reports of injuries but they are working on putting out that fire. we'll keep you updated. it is one of the big stories today.
6:53 am
on the chilly temperatures this mark? >> troy has been telling us we are in the 30's and 40's all across central florida. it is cool not to have bus drivers warming up the school buses, teachers will be in classrooms early as well, making sure things are warm as students arrive for school. with temperatures only reaching the 50's and even colder weather on the way, experts say you may need extra precautions to protect everything from your plants to your cars. you can track those cold temperatures with our pinpoint weather app that is available for free download in the app store. >> we have seen police back at the apartment complex off of lee vista road after officers shot a man here last night. we have some information. police say that man refused to drop his gun when they responded to what they will only call a suspicious incident call. the man was rushed to that hospital. police aren't telling us his
6:54 am
we do know officers do know the -- we know officers were not hurt and the shooting is under investigation by the fdle, that is standard procedure. troy? >> cold temperatures out there. i know you are feeling it. you need the big coat heading out the door. here's a beautiful show of daytona beach. a few clouds mixed in. it is 40 but it feels like 34 degrees through the day as mark mentioned, we are only warming into the 50's. 53 by noon. 57 will be the afternoon high at 4:00. no rain for the next couple of days. we will pinpoint a few storms by friday. >> so far the roads are just now coming to life. you can see i-4, not a lot going on. really as you get ready to head out the door, you don't need any extra travel time. >> we are close to calling it a day on this tuesday. thank you for watching us. >> in case you missed it, we are still smiling about this one.
6:55 am
wheels stolen by a grinch. after the family posted it on facebook, the fireman put out collection jars and they raised ride -- >> thank you for joining us. >> remember, when you are on
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